Fraud Prevention

Are you buying from the right supplier? Or is someone getting a kickback?

It is an unfortunate hospitality industry fact that money occasionally changes hands between suppliers and those who purchase food, beverages and supplies from those suppliers. This leads to supply purchases at too high a price.

Because Outfox tracks purchase orders and supplier data, poor ordering choices will become easy to identify. This data provides management an excellent way to curtail preferential treatment of suppliers.

In addition to fraud protection Outfox helps lower the cost of operating costs with:

  • Comparative online bids - Place orders electronically
  • Automated Reordering
  • Real-time enterprise physical inventory reporting
  • Enterprise operating supply purchase history
  • Inventory, usage, receipts and cost reporting
  • Supply room/warehouse logistics and requisition
  • Accounting system interface and reporting
  • Supplier EDI interface
  • Automated supplier invoice price check/audit