Enterprise (Multiple Locations)

Keep on top of your multi-location business with data from Outfox.

Save 15% On Cost of Sales*

  • Reduce Cost of Sales
  • Improve Inventory Management
  • Ensure The Best Prices
  • Menu Profitability Management

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*average savings between 10-15%

For restaurant chains looking to improve profits and gain tighter control over purchasing and other key restaurant data, Outfox can be a life-saver. Purchasing can be managed at an enterprise level or by individual locations. We provide a consolidated enterprise view of operations that retains its full granularity for each location.

This includes food and beverage usage and cost, inventories and ingredients used in each recipe. Outfox customers have enjoyed cost savings in the range of 5-12% of annual related purchases. Management can view all purchase orders across the Enterprise as well as material received, consumed, unit prices paid and changes in inventory.

Managing to the resulting collection of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can mean the difference between success and failure. When large orders of common ingredients can be combined across multiple locations, the savings can be substantial.