Software for New Restaurant Startups

Starting a restaurant or buying an existing one? Let Outfox Solutions provide you with professional accounting capability at a great price.

Save 15% On Cost of Sales*

  • Reduce Cost of Sales
  • Improve Inventory Management
  • Ensure The Best Prices
  • Menu Profitability Management

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*average savings between 10-15%

Outfox Solutions provides:

  • POS requirements and supplier selection
  • Food/beverage supplier selection
  • Food, Beverage and Operating Supplies Cost management (We can lower cost of sales by 10-15%)

Outfox specializes in the hospitality industry and has been helping new restaurants owners to profitability run their business since 2002.

Why hire a full or part time bookkeeper? Outfox specialists can provide all the services you need to help you grow your business – at a cost that can't be beat!

Outfox business processes & unique cloud based technology ensures lower cost of operation without compromising quality and service. Since Outfox handles all your back office needs, administrative costs are minimized and you now have access to data on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and access to operating controls that allow you to make changes as needed.

No upfront investment required. Outfox specialists handle the back office enabling you to focus on launching your business while knowing your food, beverage and related cost of sales are being managed and controlled.

In our outsourced back office service offering, Outfox:

  • Installs all systems and tools, and maintains them
  • Helps you develop your monthly operating and food/beverage plans
  • Records all purchasing, inventory, and accounting transactions
  • Takes responsibility for all accounting records/supplier payment
  • Performs all operations and financial analyses.