Smart Buying Solutions

Buy from the right supplier at the right price each time you buy

Save 15% On Cost of Sales*

  • Reduce Cost of Sales
  • Improve Inventory Management
  • Ensure The Best Prices
  • Menu Profitability Management

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*average savings between 10-15%

Smart Buying is at the heart of what Outfox provides. Our market exchange platform allows you to identify all food, beverage and restaurant & hotel supply purchases and compare prices from a wide range of suppliers. This allows you to purchase each item from the supplier with the best price, saving you thousands of dollars on each weeks purchases.

The Outfox team will work with your food, beverage and restaurant supply suppliers to capture and maintain an updated price list of the products they can supply.

When you create your daily and weekly purchasing list using Outfox, we can show you the available prices from the suppliers who sell each product.

We’ve found that the daily price difference between suppliers for identical items can be significant. When you use Outfox to purchase from reputable suppliers with the best prices, you can save thousands of dollars on your weekly food purchases.

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