Customer Testimonials

We were looking for a professional suite of restaurant management tools. The Outfox team has delivered a solution that is low maintenance, provides great value and allows us to grow as fast as we want.

With Outfox we know we are buying high quality ingredients at the best possible price. Furthermore, we know our inventories at a detailed level and can review profitability for each restaurant or for all the restaurants in our group.

— Andy Pforzheimer, Barcelona Restaurants, Norwalk, CT

As a former owner and operator of 20 Wendy's Restaurants, the benefits afforded by Outfox Solutions present outstanding value to the independent restaurant community. Outfox's services are extremely comprehensive, yet easy to use and implement. Incredible value for an affordable price.

— Brian Maher, CEO of Fleagane Enterprises, Inc.

As the former CEO of Houlihan's Restaurant Group, we continually invested in our Information Technology to improve our cost of sales and back office processes. Had Outfox Solutions been on the scene several years ago, we would have outsourced the entire back office to them without a doubt. Great deal for the independent operator!

— Suzanne Hopgood, The Hopgood Group