Warehouse & Commissary Management

Manage your inventory across multiple locations.

Warehouse Management Software

Customers who save money on food by ordering in bulk and use an external warehouse for storage can ensure their inventories are in the right place at the right time with the Outfox Warehouse Management System. Suppliers can use the system as well for a seamless ordering process.

Outfox provides a complete and very affordable warehouse management system providing real time on line inventory together with a complete set of functions to efficiently manage one or many physical warehouse operations.

The system is completely integrated with Outfox’s online customer ordering capabilities. This gives any business the ability to take orders and requisitions from their customers. It is a system to coordinate these processes whether they are internal or external. The warehouse system will track inventory levels and valuations. We can now give you (and your customer) the ability to see the amount of product available at the time the order is placed.

Outfox Solution's Warehouse & Commissary Management Software Enables:

  • Store room/warehouse inventories: Hotels, resorts and country clubs to manage internal requisitioning, store room/warehouse inventories and supplier purchases through a totally integrated cloud based system.
  • Contract purchases/ forward buys: Independent restaurant chains, caterers and government institutions to manage contract purchases/ forward buys independent of traditional suppliers including decrementing contract balances and tracking store deliveries through an integrated system supported business process.
  • Management of warehouses/distribution centers: Suppliers can manage their warehouses/distribution centers at lower cost while enabling their customers to order online directly from the supplier’s web site.
  • Extraordinary market buys: Increased profitability by supporting the logistics required to take advantage of extraordinary market buys that can’t be stored in the primary location. A great deal isn’t great if half of the product goes bad!

Warehouse Management Software